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Process Equipment for 2011

By January 24, 2011

With the economy appearing to be taken a turn for the beer, businesses all over the world will hopefully begin to ramp up their processing equipment needs for 2011. As the industries continue to grow, the demands for processing equipment will as well. Money will still be tight in 2011, so companies should seriously consider purchasing used process equipment for their business instead of overpaying for brand new equipment. Used processing equipment still meets the same strict standards that new equipment does, but is able to be purchased at a fraction of the price. For all of your used processing requirements for 2011, choose the used process equipment route with Phoenix Equipment.

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Phoenix Equipment specializes in buying and selling used chemical process plants and machinery, serving the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, refinery, gas processing and power generation industries. We carry over 40 categories of process equipment that is immediately available, as well as over 50 complete plants that can be relocated quicker and for less capital investment that building a new process plant. In addition to buying and selling, we have the in-house capability to safely perform comprehensive site closure and dismantling projects. Because we understand the value of chemical processing machinery, we can pay you for your shut down plant and safely perform the removal of all assets, structures and associated parts at no cost.