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Paul Abbe Double Cone Hastelloy Rotary Vacuum Dryer for Sale

By April 16, 2013

Phoenix Equipment currently has a used Paul Abbe Vacuum Dyer for sale. It’s a Model RCVD-30 and comes with intensifier pin bar. Call Phoenix at 877-736-9320 to discuss your plants and equipment.

Paul Abbe Vacuum Dryers are known for:

  1. Predictable and Repeatable Results.
  2. Reduced Energy – Evaporation of the liquid under vacuum happens at a much lower temperature, increasing the temperature differential without raising the temperature.
  3. More Complete Discharge – There is very little surface area on Rota-Cone Dryers and no agitator to trap product. Unobstructed cone allows for free discharge.
  4. Easily Cleaned – The unique internal design can be cleaned easily and the standard spray nozzle can be used for washing the internals.
  5. Easily Inspected Interior - The surfaces of the Rota-Cone® Vacuum Dryer are visible from one vantage point.


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