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Announcing Nitric Acid Plant Liquidation from Phoenix Equipment

By June 11, 2013

Phoenix Equipment has acquired a nitric acid plant for immediate liquidation. This Weatherly Designed nitric acid plant was originally built in 1971. With minimal operating time, this 390 TPD nitric acid plant is in great condition. Equipment includes: Compressor Train, Heat Exchanger Train , Absorber Tower and Related Area, and other parts. All equipment is available for immediate shipment.


Metal Arts Absorber Tower

Metal Arts Absorber TowerUsed Asborber Tower Manuf. By Metal Arts Company. Column: 11’0″ ID x 78′ Height, Wall thickness 0.53″, Design Press. 125 psig @ 200 F, Wind Load 30 lb. / Sq. Ft., Tray Spacing: Tray 2 = 50″, …

1040 Sq. Ft. American Standard Horizontal Heat Exchanger

1040 Sq. Ft. American Standard Horizontal Heat ExchangerUsed 1040 Sq. Ft American Standard Power & Controls Group Horizontal Exchanger. Serial # 83G10363-01, National Board # 39796, Built 1984

1020 Gal ASC Spray Deaerating Heater

1020 Gal ASC Spray Deaerating HeaterUsed 1,020 gallon Spray Deaerating Heater, ASC manufacturing Co, Model 60 M-10T HBS. Rated 35 psi / FV @ 650 F. Material of construction: Steel. Serial # K71-102, National Board # 6275, Built 1971. …

Missouri Boiler Ammonia Air Mixer

Missouri Boiler Ammonia Air MixerUsed Nitric Acid Plant Ammonia Air Mixer (Converter Cone). Manufactured by Missouri Boiler and Tank Company, Stainless Steel. Rated 135 psi @ 650 F. Flg “A” 135 psi @ 550 F. Shell thickness 3/16″ and …

Compressor Train

Compressor TrainIngersoll-Rand Steam Turbine Driven Compressor with Spare Rotors. Includes: Compressor Stage 1, 2, 4, 3; Steam Turbine; Intercooler 1 and 2 with spare bundles; Lube Oil System. 44,450 CFM @ 134 PSI Used …



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